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Hello fellow bloggers! Today’s blog is all about funny videos. Here are some funny videos I have come across recently.

These guys are very clever. They make me laugh. If you like theses vids, please subscribe to them.

2) Can’t embed this video sorry!

MadTV is a great group. They have a bunch of funny videos. You guys should check them out

This is a random video from adventure time. I love adventure time and this is my favorite part of an episode from it. It is so crazy!

This group interests me. They purposely go around scaring people and taking results. It reminds me of statistics. I found this episode funny.


This is a collaboration of a bunch of fails. It was interesting to say the least.

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Cyanide and Happiness

Hello fellow bloggers! Today I am going to be comparing a well known comic. I will be choosing which is funnier; the first five cyanide and happiness comics, or the last five. If you have your own vote please comment below.

la t 5


This one is the funniest out of the five.


I thought he was talking about the weapon axe. I fell for it.


This reminds me of the South Park episode where Cartman feeds his half-brother his parents.


I did not like  this one. I just could not relate to it.


Haha. I feel like I am allergic to grammatical errors sometimes.

First 5


I laughed at this out of pure confusion.


I like the comics I can relate too. If this happened to me I would act the same way.


I make jokes like these. I laughed because recently I made a joke like this to my girlfriend. She fell for it just like him.


This is a depressing comic. Some people really love their pets.


I didn’t really get this one. I don’t follow politics though, so that’s probably why.

Out of the first five and the last five I found the first five a lot funnier. It makes sense because that is when they started the comics and they had the best ideas.

This concludes today’s blog. If you have a funny picture or idea of your own just let me know. Don’t forget to follow me and subscribe, see you guys next week!


Hello fellow bloggers, today I would like to tell you about my ten favorite backgrounds.


This background is really cool. It has a bunch of colors going in to fill up the color of a heart. I am not to fond of needles though.


This background is fierce and represents a lot to me. I am a Leo so when I found this picture I was super happy. It shows exactly what a lion is.


The color in this is just amazing.  It looks as if the moon is crashing into the earth peacefully. A great background to have.


The message this says is amazing. I could relate to it and I am sure you guys can too. Joker is one of my favorite villains.


This background has a really neat design to it. It is very nice to look at, and I love those types of backgrounds.


The angel is landing, preparing for battle. Did god send him? Who does he have to fight? This background has a sense of power and misdirection to it.


I have a personal connection with this image. The first time I saw this I was just mesmerizer. It is like he has been hurt and being hurt has given him the strength to retaliate. This goes deep into my life.


My favorite color is green and this picture just blows my mind. It makes me feel really happy and calm. It makes me want to see this thing for myself. This is beautiful.


This picture is amazing. It reminds me of where I am from. The visuals are stunning. The blood as the river is perfect with the snow covered trees. I think this is one of the coolest backgrounds i have ever seen.


This picture is just phenomenal. The light bulb  as a head with an electric arm. What does it all mean. It really looks cool in your background too. The idea around this picture can mean so many different things.

That is all for this week folks. If you see something cool or funny and would like me to feature it on my blog then please let me know. Tune in for next week and don’t forget to follow and like my blog.


Spartan vs Spartan?

Hello fellow bloggers!

I know it’s hard to wait for me to blog every week so I thought I would give you a funny video to look at while you wait for Sunday. 


Today is Saturday. This is not an ordinary Saturday. Today is Caterday. Caterday is a Saturday where cat pictures rule the web!  This week’s blog is dedicated to Caterday.


As you can see that cats are pleased with this week’s blog. See you all next week with some more pictures. Remember if you have anything funny then please show me and don’t forget to hit the like button.