Hello fellow bloggers! Today’s blog is all about funny videos. Here are some funny videos I have come across recently.

These guys are very clever. They make me laugh. If you like theses vids, please subscribe to them.

2)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTFZyl7hfBw Can’t embed this video sorry!

MadTV is a great group. They have a bunch of funny videos. You guys should check them out

This is a random video from adventure time. I love adventure time and this is my favorite part of an episode from it. It is so crazy!

This group interests me. They purposely go around scaring people and taking results. It reminds me of statistics. I found this episode funny.


This is a collaboration of a bunch of fails. It was interesting to say the least.

This concludes this week’s blog. If you like my blog please follow me! See you next week.