This is my first blog with a story; enjoy!

When Jose woke up he folded his shell up to prevent all of the lettuce and salsa from spilling. Jose was going to work like he does every day, taking a special route to avoid the Taco Mafia. Last week he got in a bar fight with Carl, the brother of the Mafia boss. It was a brutal fight, and Jose put Carl in the hospital. He knew the Mafia had been looking for him, so he was always on his toes. He always carried a pistol with him that has 20 rounds and three clips for protection just in case the Mafia found him.

The first part of his trip to work was a 15 minute train ride from Burlington to Montpelier. When he got on the train he smelled this odor. It smelled like a burnt taco. He looked up and there was a mafia member right across from him. The top of his shell was burnt and green, and meat juice was leaking out of the bottom. He knew that hygiene was not on this taco’s list. He pretended like he didn’t notice and hoped that the mafia member had no idea that they were on the same train.  When the train stopped, he hurried off to try and get as far away as possible. He ended up in a coffee shop and got his morning cappuccino. Before he took one sip of the cappuccino, the window broke and bullets went flying everywhere. Jose tipped a table for protection and watched as meat sauce and taco shells were flying everywhere. He felt like it was his fault that those poor tacos were getting killed. After a while, the bullets stopped and the ground was covered in salsa and meat sauce. The cashier Brock was still alive after the mayhem. Brock ran over to Jose and said, “What just happened!?! Everyone is dead! It is a taco salad in here!”

“Calm down; everything is going to be ok. Do you have a gun?” said Jose.

“Yeah I do, it is in my pocket,” Brock explained. All of a sudden they heard glass breaking from foot steps. Jose knew that smell from the train ride. He stood up and let a barrage of bullets come out of his gun. Brock followed in his footsteps and began unloading his weapon. Four of the mafia members were hit on the first clip. Jose noticed that there were ten members and that they were now returning fire. Jose was scared that he was going to die and was shaking. Brock was starting to tear up and they knew this was going to be a fight for their lives. They crouched up behind the table so only their guns and heads were showing and returned fire. They killed four more Taco Mafia members.

They heard a “plop” sound and looked to their left. It was a Ghost Chile grenade. They sprinted to the men’s bathroom and heard the explosion. They got out of the bathroom, and Jose told Brock to go around back and flank them. Brock went around back. Jose reloaded his last round and shot one of the Taco Mafia members on the first shot. He went outside to see how Brock did. He found Brock sitting there from a shot in the middle of the shell, right in the cheese. Jose shot the mafia member standing in front of Brock and started to run towards Brock. He lifted him up in the air and did everything he could. Brock died in his arms.

When the Burrito Police arrived, Jose was still holding Brock. The police asked him what happened and he told them his story. He was crying and still shaking from the experience.  He got the day off from work to pull himself together. He was still scared and he knew what  happened that day could happen again. Next time, Jose will be prepared for anything the Taco Mafia throws at him.

The End

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