Hello everyone! This week I am going to make a story about a dream I had. I hope you enjoy it!

                I am ready to go to bed tonight. It has been a very long day, and I can already feel my eyes drifting. I wonder what I will dream about.

The scouts came back in a hurry. They told us that an army of skeletons were headed this way. It will only be three days until they reach us. I asked him how such things existed. He said he had no idea, and the future looked grim for us. I told everyone not to give up hope. “I am the king of this castle and I will fight with you all. This upcoming battle will be a test of our strength.” I will help them prepare for this fight.


Preparing for a battle of this magnitude is never easy. We only have three days, so everyone is going to be pushed to their limits. I stopped by the blacksmith and told him to make the best swords he has ever made. I want our army to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming fight. I went from house to house to recruit people to be in my army. We needed as much help as we could get. The women and children could work together to throw rocks. Two days passed and we still weren’t even close to being done. We had some pit traps that contained spikes. We figured they would step in them and be impaled by the spikes within them.


The skeleton army was approaching. We could hear their cold footsteps. They looked like what skeletons should look like. They were in perfect condition, the bones seemed to be in the right position, and they were clean. I made sure my army did not lose hope. We had the archers in position to fire the first wave of flaming arrows. The women and children were standing on top of the gate ready to throw rocks as they tried to breach our walls.


As they got in position for the archers to fire, I said “No matter what happens here, if you die, you will be greeted by God himself. Everybody, get in position, FIRE!” The first wave of arrows hit the skeletons dead on.  Their bones shattered as the arrows hit them. I went up to check out how large the army we were facing was. The army was at least a mile long. There was no way that we were going to win this battle but everyone still remained strong. We kept barraging them with arrows.  As they approached our gates the children began to throw rocks. They screamed “Don’t hurt our mommies and daddies”!


They broke in the gate and charged at us. I was leading the charge. I slashed through three skeletons. As I was slashing through as many skeletons as I could find, I could see our army was pushing them back. The skeletons started to retreat. When I realized why, it was too late. This huge dinosaur skeleton appeared. He was biting and kicking everyone. I ran at him with a mighty leap. I sliced through his ribcage and he collapsed. A skeleton stabbed me in my back. I didn’t even know how he got there. I saw another skeleton get ready to make the final blow. I knew my life was over. As he was slashing down at my head, I thought to myself, “I am too young to die.”


I woke up in a panic. I couldn’t remember anything that I just dreamed about. I guess I have to stop eating before going to bed.

The End.

I hope everyone enjoyed my story. See you all next week.