Hello everyone. I am going to try to do something new today. I have written a story about a game I was playing recently. I would like to see if any of you guys can figure it out.


My uncle died a week ago. I am going to find out what happened, even if I have to do it alone, I will not be alone because I have my dog Duke, my professor Marcy, my best friend Joe, and my boss Fred with me. We are the best detectives out there, and we all have come together to solve this mystery.       http://tinyurl.com/bpccuq6

We start at the graveyard and we search for clues. I have my broken guitar with me just in case there is any trouble. Hours go by and it seems like we only have one place left to check. I go up the hill to check it out. I find a clue that tells me to go back inside the patio.


I make my way to the patio when all of a sudden I see this invisible figure. I could not see him but I could tell that he was there. He had a higher pitched voice then I would expect from a ghost. He tells me that my uncle still has a debt that needs to be settled and that I can either take the deal or deny it. If I deny the deal he says a demon will take his place instead. I am in no mood to fight a demon so I took the deal. I could only get the word “deal” out of my mouth before he disappeared. He left; I’m thinking this mystery would be a lot scarier than I thought. I walk out of the patio and see Joe shooting at a zombie.


After Joe finishes off with the zombie he walks over to me and a giant dragon demon appears out of nowhere. It attacks Joe and hits him into the graveyard where a giant lich appears. Hands come out of the ground and bind him. The dragon then takes a piece of my hair and starts to fly away. I chase after it and start to attack it. I try to cripple its legs by hitting it with my old broken guitar. I miss completely, and he takes a blood sample of me by cutting me. He runs to the air vent and goes in. I am not about to follow this dragon into a deep dark vent.


I see Joe escaping from the lich. I send Duke after him to help him out but I go ahead of him to catch up with the Professor and Fred. The professor has just opened a manhole with a crowbar and tells me and Fred to go down there while she works on the electric lock leading to the cave. When we enter the manhole it is very dark. Fred gets scared and runs back up the manhole. I keep exploring but I find nothing of interest. All of a sudden I hear a voice whispering in my head over and over again. It doesn’t seem like this voice will ever come out of my head.


I hear a door opening and it is my professor with a torch. It looks like she cracked the lock to the door. Fred was with her as well. We move to the opposite door and open it with the brass key the professor has. When she opens the door she finds this strange note. It says how my family line is cursed by demons and that they are trying to kill me. Now that we know the objective of these demons we have the determination to stop them. We leave the manhole to see a huge fire.


It’s covering the grass! We see Joe in a building that is surrounded by burning grass. We can do nothing to help him for now so we start making our way to the graveyard, where We see zombies just appearing from the ground. We know they want to kill me so we all stick together to fight this endless zombie wave. After we kill the first couple zombies we notice that there are too many. We make a run for the graveyard to kill whatever is making these zombies spawn. We walk over to see that lich in a summoning ritual. We quickly kill it with a crowbar used to pry open the manhole. All the zombies fall to the ground and we are saved from the attack.  I now know why my uncle died. I just have to hope that this was the last time I see these demons.


The End.

Comment below with your answer. If you are right I will comment to let you know!