This week I have a question to ask all of you. What do you look for in a wife?


Wives come in different shapes, sizes, and ingenuity. Most people say they have an amazing wife. I am here to explain to you what the perfect wife is. I will take you through a day with the perfect wife.

When the husband gets home he looks around the yard. The lawn is perfectly cut, the bushes are trimmed, and the flowers are watered. When he goes inside he notices that everything is spotless. You can tell that everything has been cleaned and there is no dust anywhere to be found. He would want some relief after work. She does whatever he wants her to do. He does not care about pleasing her. He cares about her pleasing him, and the wife has to be fine with that. She will rarely have fun during this time.

After the deed is done she gets right up and makes him a welcome home sandwich so he can eat and take a nap. When he wakes up from his nap he is greeted with the living room comfy chair open and a cold beer in the cup holder. When the kids start to cry, want their diapers changed, or anything else about them is wrong, the wife will do all of the work for him. All he has to do is relax and watch TV.

Supper is always ready at six. When he goes into the kitchen it smells delicious. The whole floor would be completely spotless and the table would be clean. The pots and pans would be organized and the head chair would have cushions on it. The dinner would be amazingly cooked and make his mouth water. When he bites into the food, the taste would be better than anything he has ever had. It would be better than what he had the night before.

After dinner was over he would go back to the living room and watch some more TV. He may even play some video games if he wants. When she gets done cleaning the kitchen again she will bring delicious snacks out to him and his family in the living room. They will watch a movie as a family, and then the kids will have to go to bed. His wife will tuck all of them in, give them water to drink, and read them a bed time story. She will then come out and ask him if he needs anything. If he doesn’t need anything, then they will relax until bed. When it is time to go to bed she will tuck him in and wait for him to fall asleep before she gets into bed (unless he wants to be pleased again).  When he wakes up in the morning, he would go down to the kitchen where breakfast would already have been made. She would be waiting for him to come down so she could make the bed and get him a cup of coffee to start his day. She would make him and the kids lunch for their busy days doing whatever they have planned. As he was leaving the house he would see her starting to clean the house all over again.

Their relationship would have a lot of love in it too. They would be caring towards each other. She would be disciplined, but there would still be a spark of love between them. In every perfect wife, there is always a perfect connection between the two. He is always number one, and she is number two. She is never unhappy with the living conditions. She does not think she deserves a lot more than she is getting. The perfect wife is always a happy, self-motivated, strong-willed woman who knows her place in this world.

The End.

So please comment below on what your perfect wife would be.