Hello everyone. Today I am going to be discussing my personal magic deck. It is based on one vs one combat and is tournament legal. The tournament it is preferred in is type two.

My deck of choice is called tempered steel. Tempered steel is a deck archetype that brings out a lot of creatures fast and then powers them up. For this deck you are going to need a lot of small creatures. The creatures have to be artifacts for them to get the effect. If you have a budget on the deck, you can’t really pay attention because this deck requires about 200$. The less you spend, the worse the deck gets. Here is my entire deck.

There are four of each card except plains. There are 16 plains because that is the land I use for this deck. There are three main cards for this deck. You will want mox opal, tempered steel, and inkmoth nexus.

Tempered steel is good because it adds +2/+2 to all my artifact creatures. Most of my creatures are artifact creatures, so everything benefits. This is only three mana as well. This could be out on turn three if it is not already out by then.  Once i get tempered steel on the field most of my opponents already know they are going to lose. The earlier I have this on the field, the better I will be. This can come out turn two with the next main part of this deck, mox opal. Mox opal does not require any mana and it adds one mana of any color to your mana pool when you  have metalcraft. Metalcraft is a ability that activates when three artifacts are on your side of the field. So as long as you control three artifacts you can use the mana from mox opal. The last card that is very important for this deck is inkmoth nexus.





Inkmoth nexus is a land that if you tap one mana for its activated ability, it becomes a 1/1 flying infect artifact land. Because it is an artifact it also takes the effect of tempered steel. If an opponent has 10 infect counters on him, he loses. That is why inkmoth nexus is so good. It is a very versatile card.




Next I will talk about a good sample hand.






You start the game with seven cards in your hand. A good sample hand would be two plains, one Vault Skirge, one Tempered Steel, One mox opal, One memnite and one signal pest. You would start off by playing one land followed by a Vault Skirge. This will drop you down to 18 life. After that you will play a mox opal and a memnite. These both don’t cost any mana, so you can play them for free. You will then use the mana from mox opal to play signal pest and end your turn. If the opponent had no one mana drops then he would play a land and it would be your turn. Your next turn you draw another tempered steel. You would put down your second plains and play tempered steel. Because you have Signal Pest, Vault Skirge, and memnite on the field, you can hit the opponent for 10 damage turn two. In case that was too much for you, I made a short video for you guys.


Now if who you are playing with has a lot of kill artifact spells and counter spells there is one card in the deck that when you play it correctly, It will win you the game. Hero of Bladehold has battle cry and spawns two 1/1 creatures when it attacks. In total it is a 4 mana creature that swings for 7 damage just by itself. Put that in your deck when people are siding in artifact destroy cards.

I hope you enjoyed my blog. Till next time….